Fatigue is the most common side effect of cancer treatment, occurring in over 90% of patients. To assist patients in dealing with this often overwhelming side effect of their treatment, Housekeeping Helpers, offers free housecleaning services to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. “Instead of vacuuming a room or doing dishes, or goal is to relieve cancer patients of their day-to-day stresses and allow them to focus their precious energies towards family and uplifting activities,” says Anna Beck, MD, Board Chair for the Utah Cancer Foundation and physician with Utah Cancer Specialists.

National and local companies have partnered with Utah Cancer Foundation to provide professional housecleaning services to patients.   Patients can receive up to 24 hours of free housecleaning which will be offered on a first come, first served basis.  For more information, please contact our Program Director, Kathleen Grisley-Forsey, at (801) 281-6861 or kgrisley@utahcancerfoundation.org.

Housekeeping Helpers is funded entirely through donations from individuals and corporations. To help, please contact our Development Director, Anne Jensen, at (801) 270-2232 or ajensen@utahcancerfoundation.org. To make a donation online please click here: Online Donation Form.